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The Misfit Sock is the profoundly magical story of a sock that has lost its perfect match during the laundry cycle and in a JINGLE is labeled a "misfit." Tossed into a misfit pile and forgotten, the sock loses its zest for life, believing that it will never be loved or happy again. Find out what happens when the misfit sock meets the magnificent spirit of Christmas on the laundry room floor and how the misfit sock inspires other misfit socks to find their purpose by finding their way into the hearts of every girl and boy, because in a hug only a child realizes that a misfit sock is the perfect match for Santa.


 The Misfit Sock


 A "misfit sock" is transformed into a magical misfit sock the moment it is loved by a child or a child at heart. Hang your misfit sock some place special and stuff it daily with Misfit WISH Cards leading up to Christmas Eve.  Then, stuff your misfit sock with gratitude goodies for Santa his elves and reindeer.  When Santa arrives he enjoys the goodies, reads all of the child's wishes and knows enough to leave the sock for next Christmas... and the tradition begins.




             Christmas Eve  2011

                  Boston Globe

                    Cover Story

Christmas has a spirit all its own and lives within everyone.  Its magic can touch all things, even misfit socks...

Kathy DeWit

Illustrator extraordinaire, Kathy DeWit, has given life to the misfits in the Christmas tale, The Misfit Sock.

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Karen Kiefer

Author and creator of

The Misfit Sock storybook 

and family Christmas tradition,

founder of Misfit University, 

the Misfit Sock Angels project 

and Spread the


Reach Karen:

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